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      <ei pageid="1377" ns="0" title="Webdesign I like" />
      <ei pageid="1380" ns="0" title="Poker in Costa Rica" />
      <ei pageid="1381" ns="14" title="Category:Brazil" />
      <ei pageid="1386" ns="0" title="Green Lamp" />
      <ei pageid="1388" ns="0" title="My Favorite Songs" />
      <ei pageid="1390" ns="14" title="Category:Art" />
      <ei pageid="1393" ns="0" title="A Clockwork Orange" />
      <ei pageid="1401" ns="0" title="50 First Dates" />
      <ei pageid="1405" ns="0" title="Costa Rica" />
      <ei pageid="1407" ns="0" title="Where to eat in Costa Rica" />
    <embeddedin eicontinue="10|Stub|1408" />